#irishmed, Telemedicine and “Technodoctors”

An inspired, and, cautionary guest blog on the impact, the value, and drawbacks of technology in doctoring – channeling the gifted Abraham Verghese –

A Medical Education

This evening (all going well) I will participate in the Twitter #irishmed discussion, which is on telemedicine.

On one level, telemedicine does not apply all that much to me in the clinical area of psychiatry. It seems most appropriate for more data-driven specialties, or ones which have a much greater role for interpreting (and conveying the results of!) lab tests. Having said that, in the full sense of the term telemedicine does not just refer to video consultations but to any remote medical interaction. I spend a lot of time on the phone.

I do have a nagging worry about the loss of the richness of the clinical encounter in telemedicine. I am looking forward to having some interesting discussions on this this evening. I do worry that this is an area in which the technology can drive the process to a degree that may crowd out the clinical need.

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Bernadette Keefe M.D. Biography {Abbreviated}

Updated June 2017 


Dr. Bernadette Keefe

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Social Media in Healthcare – Consultant & Blogger

Dr. Bernadette Keefe practiced Academic Radiology at UNC Hospitals – Chapel Hill, North Carolina after receiving her M.D., internship and residency training in New York City. Read more on Linkedin.

Dr. Keefe  joined twitter in 2010 to research her son’s sports career. She adopted a 2nd twitter handle, (@walkeredu) and Facebook page, in June 2013, to launch her endeavor: The Walker Education Project. One month later, she created her 3rd, ,and current twitter handle, Dr. Bernadette Keefe at @nxtstop1.

Dr. Bernadette Keefe has curated over 600 conferences around the world, beginning this work in February 2014. Since August 2015, she has used the twitter tool ‘Storify’ to record her curations. Dr. Keefe was co-host of #HCLDR for nearly two years, submitting blogs and moderating the weekly twitter chats. Additionally, she has guest-hosted multiple other tweet chats, and published numerous blogs on her personal website www.bernadettekeefemd.com

Dr. Keefe has helped various medical organizations including the British Geriatrics Society with their Twitter outreach. She has consulted on Twitter campaigns for aging-focused conferences such as the Louisville Innovation Summit.

Dr. Bernadette Keefe is available for consultation, with individuals or professional organizations, on the most efficient use of healthcare Twitter for professional purposes. Please contact her via her website, Twitter, or LinkedIn.




The Illusion of Communication

A Superb, Brief, Guest Post on Communication. Useful for physicians; an essential aspect of great ‘doctoring’.


the-single-biggest-problem-in-communication-is-the-illusion-that-it-has-taken-place-quote-1George Bernard Shaw said ‘The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place’. This same quote was used by Tim Fargo in his foreword to my book ‘Mug and Tweet’ and has been used by communicators over the decades, to question the effectiveness of our communication. I work alongside Steve Maraboli, who is in my opinion one of the greatest Human Behaviour specialists ever, and he always asks that we observe the behaviour of others and more importantly our own behaviour. The real question that needs to be asked by ourselves, of ourselves is: What were we thinking that caused us to say and do what we did? Did our actions communicate effectively? More importantly what was our attitude towards the people we were communicating with, did we take into account what John Maxwell has always said ‘People don’t care how much you know, until they know…

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