I am a physician with two major areas of work/focus:

one: healthcare social media; using twitter as a versatile platform for the communication of science and technology as related to health/healthcare, and for health related conference / event curation

two: the field of aging: frailty and mobility, and to that end, developing technological upgrades to the walker mobility aid (& educational tools to accompany same).

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6 thoughts on “hello

  1. Found our chat on Twitter very interesting so will read up more on you today, here in UK I believe there is a real desire to make the doctor/patient relationship more level, long way to go but 1st steps definitely being taken

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    • Thank you John, I also enjoyed our conversation. I agree that the tide is finally turning as both patients and physicians realize that a more level playing field and shared decision making are key to optimal outcomes. IMO, a mutually open, comfortable, honest, informative, and trustworthy patient-physician relationship is the lynchpin for such outcomes.


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