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PRESS MENTIONS: a selection

-podcast interview

Being A Healthcare Leader on Twitter

– Our Chat with Bernadette Keefe MD-August 10th, 2015

by Mayo Center for Innovation Transform Podcast #37


major medical journals (with respect to my work in social media)

On Conversations and Connections by Don S. Dizon MD in November 2015 American Journal of Clinical Oncology

Speaking of Language by Bruce J. Hillman  June 2015 Journal of the American College of Radiology

other organizations

From robotics to genomics, social influencers are driving conversations at Exponential Medicine 2015

Mobile Health Global Interview with Bernadette Keefe MD

For #HITchicks w/ Jennifer Dennard #HITchicks Spotlight: Bernadette Keefe, MD (@nxtstop1)  

Re:Listed on twitter ‘to follow’ lists (a selection from press, see my twitter profile for membership on public twitter lists)

Top 50 Health IT Experts

20 Top Physician Healthcare Industry Experts to follow on Twitter (from Compass PHS )

List of Physician Bloggers (on Twitter) ~ Crowdsourced via Marie Ennis O’Conner (@JBBC)

MD Connect Lists Physicians on Twitter, Here Are Some More on Health IT

16 Experts on Twitter who are leading the discussion on health IT


blog mentions – a selection

The Top Digital Health Influencers According to Onalytica

by Jane Sarasohn-Kahn  on 6, May 2016

The Top Digital Health Influencers According to Onalytica



Guest blog post after 2014 Doctors 2.0 & You:  by: Tom Lee @tmlfox , Denise Silber , Bernadette Keefe MD

At this year’s edition, the conference paid tribute to the top 3 Tweeters (other than @doctors20). The results were tracked by Symplur and  at 5pm the 2nd day, I called to the stage, the top 3 Tweeters at that moment. We all noted with interest that the first Tweeter would not be on the stage with us. In fact we had tweeted with her throughout the conference without seeing her, as she was a distant participant. In the four years, this was something that had never happened before to us. Her name is Bernadette Keefe. The second Tweeter  at 5pm was Alan Thomas @alanroygbiv and the third was Remy Teston @rteston  We see that Fabrice Angelini has moved into second position on the chart below. After the conference, Tom Lee contacted Bernadette to ask her to share her impressions and also wrote the following introduction to her  subsequent comments. DS

“At Symplur we’ve monitored and collected statistics on the Twitter conversations from over 2,000 healthcare conferences from around the globe.  As such, we can tell you without hesitation that to see  Top 25 TwitterInfluencers Doctors 2014someone who is not physically at the conference become the most prolific tweeter on that conference’s hashtag is a highly unusual event. 

In the case of Dr. Bernadette Keefe’s (@nxtstop1) recent activity during the Doctors 2.0 & You conference in Paris, this was simply the most significant example of this that we’ve ever seen, by far.  Her 1,311 tweets during the two day event was nearly double the second most active tweeter.  And while the majority of her tweets were retweets, they showed the careful curation of someone who was completely immersed in the event entirely via the tweet stream … a few time zones away.” Tom Lee @tmlfox

Read entire post here.

The Possibilities of Twitter at the Academy  by Carlo V. Caballero MD 

Pingback from Iris Thiele Isip Tan MD regarding Doctors 2.0:  Twitter’s Impact on Healthcare Conferences

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