#irishmed, Telemedicine and “Technodoctors”

An inspired, and, cautionary guest blog on the impact, the value, and drawbacks of technology in doctoring – channeling the gifted Abraham Verghese –

A Medical Education

This evening (all going well) I will participate in the Twitter #irishmed discussion, which is on telemedicine.

On one level, telemedicine does not apply all that much to me in the clinical area of psychiatry. It seems most appropriate for more data-driven specialties, or ones which have a much greater role for interpreting (and conveying the results of!) lab tests. Having said that, in the full sense of the term telemedicine does not just refer to video consultations but to any remote medical interaction. I spend a lot of time on the phone.

I do have a nagging worry about the loss of the richness of the clinical encounter in telemedicine. I am looking forward to having some interesting discussions on this this evening. I do worry that this is an area in which the technology can drive the process to a degree that may crowd out the clinical need.

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2 thoughts on “#irishmed, Telemedicine and “Technodoctors”

  1. Thank you for the reblog. I am glad you find this post interesting – I think you might also find this post, a reflection on a “hackathon” I participated in, interesting also: https://amedicaleducation.wordpress.com/2015/09/07/thoughts-on-a-hackathon-tribute/

    I am reading through your blog and the material on slow medicine. As I wrote in the post, I do not see an inherent contradiction between the use of technology and humane medicine, although I think the dynamics that drive tech adaption need to be carefully and critically examined

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    • Thank you for reading my work (Slow Medicine), your hackathon post (will read) and comment! I agree; tech, well done & well used can be (should be) synergistic with the healing touch. Agree, motives worrisome in era of tight budgets and so much healthcare need/demand.
      All best wishes, Bernadette


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